About Us

Our role is to source high performance investment properties that you can offer your clients with confidence.

About Us

Forturity are not just another investment property aggregator.  Through trail and error we have learnt how to identify regions that will provide your clients with strong growth and low risk.

We are not interested in pumping out cookie-cutter investment grade homes in large greenfield estates.  We recommend high quality homes in predominantly owner occupier locations with diverse economies where demand exceeds supply.


Chris started working in the real estate industry in the call centre at Century 21 Project Marketing back in 2000.  From there he went to an in-house consultant teaching people about negative gearing, and soon became their leading sales person.  Wanting to learn how the finance side of property investing worked, he then became a mortgage broker and later went on to become a partner in the company he was working for.

Chris then formed Forturity Property Partners in 2008 to locate investment properties for his database of clients.  The goal was always to locate investments that would achieve high short to medium term growth and beyond.  This would give his clients the opportunity to invest again after a short period of time and then go on to setting up a property portfolio.

While Chris still helps his clients by locating the high performance investments, he teamed up with Rosie Pearton and Jane Robertson to offer this service to a much larger client base.  So Forturity now list our investments for a select group of industry professionals to offer their clients.

Having worked as both a mortgage broker and buyer’s agent I understand how hard this industry can be. But from selling my clients quality investments I found that business began coming to me.  I have seen my business grow exponentially by simply helping my clients invest successfully.”

From spending the last decade working with builders and developers Chris has developed a broad understanding of property development and home construction. 


Rosie joined Forturity in February 2012 and teamed up with Chris Halpin to provide the Forturity’s overall general management of all sales, administration, IT and finance.

Rosie has over 25+ years administration experience and brings a wealth of administrative experience to Forturity.   Majority of Rosie’s career has been in the role of Senior Executive Personal Assistant working alongside senior executives in various countries around the world.  Rosie understands the importance of being professional, efficient and effective to make a company run successfully.  Rosie strives to provide high level customer service to members and their clients to ensure a smooth sales transaction and liaison between the builder/vendor and the member and their client.

Rosie has a passion for property investing and has also built up an investment property portfolio herself.